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We're here to help. We want you to feel fabulous about your experience at fabu. If you have a question about how our coupons work, couponing in general, or want to learn about fabu, you've come to the right place. If you still have questions, give us a ring or throw us an email. We love mail.

what are coupon codes?

The codes on our coupons are created by the manufacturer so you can get the deal. Think of it as a key. Once you're done shopping and it's time to check out, use that coupon code in the "redeem" or "coupon code" box.

how do i redeem the code?

There are 3 ways to redeem your coupon code. Click the redeem button, the coupon text link or the code on the coupon and the code will copy and paste onto your clipboard. The brand website will automatically open in a separate window. When checking out hit "paste" and the coupon code will appear.

my code doesn't work. what do i do?

Sometimes they can be a bit picky. If you "cut and pasted" it into the box, try typing it in. Also check to make sure the item you're purchasing is part of the sale by checking the coupon details. You can also call us. We deal with coupons all day, every day so we can help you out.

there's no code. what the...?

No problem. Sometimes you don't need a coupon code to save. Once you click on the coupon link it takes you to the retailer website. Shop as much as you want and you'll see your discount when you checkout.

what's an exclusive?

Exclusives are deals that fs has specially negotiated. Usually these are pretty spectacular and include higher percentages off, free shipping and BOGO deals.

can i work with fabulous savings?

Have a blog? Need help with an article about coupons or saving money? We love making new friends and would like to figure something out with you. Simply contact the social media or marketing department for more info.

Still haven't found the answer to your question? We're here to help so give us a ring.


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